Monday, March 26, 2007

Thingy 20

I love YouTube I love the librarian ones the best. And the library cart drill team videos. I think we should get a team together and compete. Also, like the guys on the treadmills.

Thingy 18

I went ot Zoho and made an account with funseeker, one thing I liked about this site is that if I don't go back in 7 days they will delete it so I won't have to worry about deleting it myself. I did like the Template library part of the site.

Thingy 17

I went to wiki and made an account sanjoseway it is under the pb part of wiki
sorry, I don't think I understnad this

Thingy 16

As I stated in my past post, there is a use for Wiki as part of the answer not the full can complete source. I was amazed to see things posted from 2000 which I didn't even know that Wiki was in use until 2003 very interesting. I would think the best use in the Library for Wiki is a piece of the pie

Thing 15

I'll make some comments on Wikipedia: Maybe I'm too new to technology but...I had no idea that Wikipedia was not actually a "reliable" source of informtion. I didn't quite get the fact that the average joe was actually doing posts to that. I think that could be a problem with not knowing what is true a not true. Kinda like depending on a Page to give the same type of information as a Librarian. Both have a different wealth of knowledge and they both have an answer.

Thing 14

Technorati, There are a few "surprises" in this search. I was surprised when I typed in a hot topic like "anna nicole" the responses were much different then doing a search using Google or Yahoo.

Thingy 13

Delicious: It is an excellent tool to use for my own information gathering. I can/cannot see the use of this for the general "reference" question. It seems like if I use this I'd be bookmarking so much stuff on the single servcie point computers and everyone else would too. Maybe I don't fully understand bookmarking.